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Ahhh!!!! I need help in deciding/discussing which program to choose (GTOWN: MPP and Econ, GWU: ITIP, JHU: MS in Econ)


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So basically, I made it into Georgetown dual degree for Public Policy and Economics, George Washington Universities Elliott School in International Trade and Investment Policy and John Hopkins Master of Science in Applied Economics (I originally didn't apply for SAIS, just due to lack of confidence, plus I was thinking of it as a stepping stone to take a PhD later on) for Fall 2013. 


So a lot to talk about, especially since my original goal was to work for possibly the World Bank or the IMF. Of course having discussed much with family, friends and acquaintances, while I still want to work at that institutions, in the end, that will not be my final stop in my career. In fact, I will probably move towards the private sector, and eventually hope to start my own company whether that be in consulting, a start up in the growing internet community we have today, or vastly something completely different such as Solar Energy, mining, or simply maybe my own hedge fund or technologies company


Which leaves me to a dilemma. At this point, it's not really about funding, or which school is more expensive, I've already checked and prepared to commit as well as possibly make up for whatever I take, but that doesn't help me decide which school I should go to. Each school has it's merits and minuses, some of them or rather specifically as I would know, two of them have a name that can carry over to my short term goal and dream of working at the World Bank/IMF, something that I'm willing to go for, a good while, especially since, who knows, I may end up disagree with the people I talked too, but ultimately, that isn't the right way to figure out my future. Granted with the choices I have, while having a focus on the public sector, I know that I can also partake in classes that focus in the private sector as well. In the end, I'm having the hardest time deciding which decision that will potentially benefit me the most in the long run. All of this decision making is killing me, not to mention that I have to at least make a decision for one of the schools by May 1st. Which is why at this point, I implore anyone in these programs or at a similar point of a career (well I guess future me point of a career) give some wise and worldly advise on what I should consider, and figure out. I'm literally getting mind blown in figure this out. I know that I want to work at this institution, but I also know I want to move into the private sector later on which would also probably entail a possible MBA later on... this is probably one of the toughest decision of my life at my young age, and it's so hard to sleep on it. Just cause new questions pop out every day while trying to figure it out. It would greatly help me just simply to discuss with people outside my circle of friends, family and acquaintances, because I feel like because I directly know them, I may make a biased decision. This is a big moment of my life, that needs to be discovered without biased and simply me discussing and looking at other peoples thoughts.


Other probably irrelevant notes

Also to note, if any potential future classmates see this post, hi and hope to see you guys in the future if I decide to attend the respective program that you guys are in. 


As a side note, I did attend GWU as a undergraduate student, and I do note that some people would say why would you go to the same place twice. I'm not so sure either, but something sparked my interest in all of these programs, and what they give back to me, and if I end up going nuts just cause I go back to GWU, well I won't have any regrets as long as I know in full well what I aim to do and how it will get me there in the future.


With that, thank you so much to anyone who can help me out on this.

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Sorry about that. As you can see, I'm in a mess just trying to figure this out. It's also killing me at work since that's literally all I think about at work these days. Edited spacing and put the last 2 parts as more of a note.

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