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CMU MS IIS at the LTI, School of Computer Science


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I'm a student from India, and I've been admitted into CMU's MS in Intelligent Information Systems program at the Language Technologies Institute, School of Computer Science. (http://www.lti.cs.cmu.edu/education/miis/overview.shtml)

This program is a professional Master's, and it's a 12-month program.

It's a new program, and I'm quite impressed by the courses.

However, I don't have any work experience, and this is a one-year program. Will it be harder to get a job after finishing this program?

I'm sure I don't want to do research or get a PhD, so this degree is perfect in that way.

I'm just worried about the kind of jobs I'll get, considering this is a new program.

Are employers likely to recruit based on the CMU SCS tag, or do you think I'll be better off with a traditional MS CS course from some other university?

So far, I've received admits from UPenn and USC, and a reject from UTAustin.

I'm still waiting to hear from UCSD and GATech, although I'm not very hopeful, for some reason.

I really want to go to CMU, but I'm just wondering what it will be like to get a job after graduating from this program, especially since I don't have any work experience.

Can I get some opinions on this?


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