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NYU vs. Harvard- educational tech programs


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I am just curious if anyone has any familiarity with educational media design and what graduate programs are the best.


Right now, I am torn between my acceptances into New York University's Digital Media Design for Learning master's, and Harvard's Technology Innovation and Education master's program.


Pros for NYU:

-It's two years, requires a thesis

-Active research in improving science ed through gaming

-Possible connections for PhD programs at Berkeley

-Both studio and theory-based instruction

-Seems to do a good job with combining ideas from cognitive science with ed tech and design

-Could do an internship over the summer



-More expensive

-I'm not a city person so blah for living in NYC

-It's not Ivy League (does this matter for such a program though??)


Harvard Pros:

-It will end up being much cheaper


-Possibly more networking opportunities?

-Lots of visiting speakers and seminars

-I think I would enjoy Cambridge more than NYC



-It's only a year with no thesis

-Have to squeeze an internship in during that year; it's optional

-Classes seem more theory based; idealistic

-Unsure if I would be prepared both professionally and if I wanted to get a PhD

-Seems to be geared towards returning professionals


Sorry for the long post. I guess my ultimate question is- Should I go to Harvard because it's Harvard? For eclectic master's programs like this, does the Ivy League status matter?


Thanks in advance for any input!

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