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Any news of funding for Villanova masters in Psych yet? Fall 2013


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Hi Guys, 


I've been recently accepted to Villanova's masters program in Experimental Psychology and am amped to accept but have been waiting to find out about the funding situation first. Anyone receive any news on that yet? I'm dying to know!


I tried checking the forums but everything seems to be from last year  :mellow: 

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I am also really excited to be accepted to this program! It's really hard not to press the accept button, but I want to wait until I have more information before committing to anything.  I'm going for my campus visit soon, so hopefully I'll hear about funding when I go. 



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Yeah, I can't wait to start if all goes well. I did get to talk to them on the phone this morning and they told me that they had just started the process of deciding so it's going to be another week probably before its all said and done. The bad news is that they don't inform you if you get nothing :unsure:.  I really don't want to be stuck hanging in limbo because they didn't say anything. Fingers crossed for some good news!  ^_^


Also, have you looked into housing yet? I'm definitely seeing some pricey places in the area so far and am needing something more budget friendly.


Have fun on your visit!

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Fingers crossed for sure!

I actually live within driving distance of campus, so I haven't looked into housing. It's a bit of a commute but I'd rather stay put for now. Sorry I can't be of much help!

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Hey guys,

Accepted here as well. Did you guys also apply to William & Mary and Wake? I haven't heard from Wake, but accepted to W&M. If I don't get funding and stipend from Villa, then I'm declining. How will others decide if they get into more than 1 of these programs with full funding?

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