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Hi Guys,


I am from India and right now i am working in one of IT company called "Infosys Technologies Ltd". I have been working here from last August. After completing under graduation in Computer Science Engg. from IIT Ropar (One of the best colleges in india), i got this job. 

I do not like this IT world at all and want to pursue Graduation (in APPLIED MATH) from some good University. The problem is my cgpa is not that good. It is 6.88 (out of 10). Although my marks in Math courses are good in college and also in Higher Secondary and Secondary.. Right now i am preparing for GRE (also the math subject test) and TOEFL. Can you please advise me on the below points.


1. Can I apply for Applied Math Graduation program, given that i have B.Tech in CSE?? 


2. How much impact my cgpa will have when universities shortlist the candidates ?


3. Can I overcome my bad cgpa by scoring high in GRE (also subject test)??. If yes, whats should be my target score?



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1) You can apply to anything that you want to. Applying to a mathematics course will not be a problem as long as you display sufficient quantitative skills in your overall profile.


2) Your cgpa will play a major role in the shortlisting of candidates. You can offset that with good recommendations and an impressive resume


3) GREs are not going to make up for your cgpa. They are usually used as a minimum cutoff. So try to get a 166+ quant score if you want to do a masters in mathematics.


Do get yourself some good recommendations, and make sure that your resume is relevant to the masters you wish to do, or atleast highlights your quantitative skills.

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