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Urban Sociology subfield?


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My undergrad background is Architecture and I am now in the city planning graduate program. I am applying to sociology Phd programs next year......and would like to ask for your opinions.

what schools are good in urban sociology subfield? (I know Chicago, Stanford, Princeton, Harvard)

what about the marketability of this subfield compared to criminology?

As I mentioned, I don't have sociology background ......what should i do before I apply to schools in Dec to offset this disadvantage?

Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks a lot!!!

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Hi there - I don't know much about the Urban Sociology specialization and its job prospects, but I just wanted to assure you as long as you make a good case for yourself about why you want to puruse a PhD in Sociology, the lack of background in Soc will not be an issue for you. I have secured several admissions and funding offers this year (way more than my expectation - especially given the economic crisis) and I do not have a single sociology course on my transcripts. And your transition from Architecture to Urban Sociology is natural enough that you can make a good case for it in your SOP (that is, your SOP will be very criticial). That said, I will now yield the floor to those who can answer your other question. GOOD LUCK!

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Maybe you could check out the usnews grad school rankings for soc subfields. Not the definitive word on programs, but a good placve to start anyway

I don't think US News includes urban sociology... all I've been able to find online are: Economic Sociology, Historical Sociology, Sex and Gender, Social Psychology, Social Stratification, Sociology of Culture, and Sociology of Population. (source: http://grad-schools.usnews.rankingsandr ... ocsci.html)

I would collect some articles and books that you like and find out where those authors teach. Also do some references searching (both works cited by those authors, and works that cite those authors) and find out where they all teach. If that isn't as helpful as you would like, send some e-mails to your favorite professors of urban sociology and ask them about grad schools. Good luck!

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Hi - saw your post. I am applying this fall for 2010 (got my BA is Soc in 1992 and withdrew from a phd program in soc in 1993). My first choice is Stanford and since I live in SF I went for a visit and picked up a bunch of literature but didn't talk with anyone. Their Urban Sociology program, especially for undergrads, seemed especially strong and had separate literature (one of my interests is Urban Stratification although not my primary focus). My guess is that you would have a good chance at a Soc program as long as you connect architecture and sociology with the aspects of the department(s) you're interested in. I do not know if anything I said is helpful, but I think you should explore Stanford closely.

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