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Loans in Addition to Fellowship/TAship


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Hello All,


I've been offered a generous yearly stipend (one year fellowship and 4 years guaranteed TAship, plus tuition reimbursement) from a PhD program that I will be attending in the Fall.  After looking into cost of living, however, I would like to take out a loan (about 6,000 dollars a year) to help cover housing and living expenses over the next five years.


So, how should I be going about getting a loan for these sorts of expenses?  Should I fill out the FAFSA or go directly to a bank to request student loans?  The fact that my education is technically being paid for (and that I am being paid to attend) makes me question if I can still get unsubsidized educational loans.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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You can still get the loans if you are enrolled full time, and the FAFSA is the first step. You should also be able to contact your institution's financial aid office for assistance with the loans. 


Depending on your field, I'd advise against taking out so many loans. It's often better to adjust your standard of living downward while in school than to take out loans (even if you fully expect to be able to pay them pack). No matter what, the interest on the loans is lost money.

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