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One school with a deadline after April 15th?


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So for me, it's pretty much decision time now. However, there is one MA psychology program that I was really looking forward to applying to, as I feel it would be an excellent fit for me. This program is brand new and the director said the application deadline was not until June 1st, with no rolling admissions. (Even though every other program at the school has rolling admissions) So he and his faculty will not even glance at any applications until June. Other programs will want me to accept/decline an offer by April 15th. So this is pretty frustrating. The programs I've been accepted/waitlisted at are not my favorite, but I'd much rather be working on my masters so I can move on to Psy.D, rather than doing nothing for a year. This isn't the type of decision I want to gamble. 


Any advice/experience?

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I was accepted to a master's program and waitlisted for a Psy.D. I think I could be happy at the master's program, but the school is less prestigious and I'd much rather leave the state. The Psy.D, I am indifferent about.

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If you're indifferent about the PsyD institution, I would take it out of the running.  It's going to be your terminal degree, you want to be happy pursuing it.  Is the masters you already got into funded?  If you're going into debt, you should only do it because you love the program or you're going to make bank.   How are your chances at the program you prefer?  If you feel like it's a pretty positive reception, you may think about waiting to see the result.  Either way, I would play the hypothetical game.  If you got into both schools which would you go to?  Would you be disappointed if you were accepted to one school after accepting the other offer?  If you're really that much more excited about the other program, I wouldn't want to attend the program you were accepted to.  You don't want to settle for a school just because you are unsure.  A year is only a year if you take a gamble and lose on the new program.  You will always have your masters. 


And, also, is that program living in a bubble?  Who the heck doesn't know other schools require answers before June?

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