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TA enough to live on? I have know idea...


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Hi guys,


A few months ago I applied to a Masters program in Canada. Well, it turns out I've been offered a place.


I've been unofficially informed that I'll be offered a TA and that I'm top of the wait-list for a scholarship.


Anyway, I am 100% unable to go unless I am fully funded because I will graduate from my BA soon and have no money.


My questions are:


1. If I am offered the TA, will this mean I don't have to pay any university fees? 

2. If offered the TA, will it be enough to live on? (In other words, does a TA count as full funding?)

3. If I am at the top of the waiting-list for a scholarship, do I have a good chance of getting one?


Sorry if this sounds completely stupid to you guys. I know nothing about North American graduate schemes... (I'm an international student). I merely applied because a good opportunity arose.


Suffice to say I'm ecstatic that I've been this lucky!


Any help would be greatly appreciated!




(Sorry, I'm cross-posting this from another section as I think this question is more suitable here)

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Why don't you ask these questions of your new program? Surely someone there can shed more light on this than any of us. We can give you generalized, vague advice, but the department should give you specifics.  

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