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How good is MPH in Public Health Practice


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hello everyone!


i have been looking for opportunities to do MPH in the US. how good is a Masters in Public health with concentration in Public  health Practice? 

What r the other concentrations that are well accepted when i am looking for a JOB in the Medical Field. ( I have finished my Medical School outside of the US)


how useful is an MPH in the University of Arizona?


thank you!!




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I have an MPH in Health Behavior and Health Education (the department is now just Health Behavior). I think Public Health Practice, Community Health, Health Behavior, and Health Ed are all pretty similar, and a good generalist MPH option. I've been working as a research manager/associate in a medical school for 6 years now, and my MPH definitely has helped. It wasn't required for the job, but definitely opened the door a little wider. I actually use a lot of concrete skills from the program on a regular basis. Most of the other health affairs research managers at my institution also have generalist MPH's. I know several physicians who have MPH's, and I think they are better providers for it. They are more apt to use evidence based medicine, and take a more holistic approach towards overall health.

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