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Vanderbilt vs. Candler


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Hey Folks. First time poster. I was admitted to the MTS program at both Vandy and Candler. On the surface both programs seem similiar as far as required courses, credit hours, course offerings, location, ect...

I was wondering if anyone could provide some insight not given in the schools catalog such as reputation in the overall field, placement in PhD programs after the MTS, and the differences between a university based divinity school vs. a methodist theological school. Any information would be appreciated, especially information on the PhD placement. Thanks!

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What area do you intend to concentrate? This is an important factor.

I went to Emory  a few years ago. For me it came down to the faculty (I wanted to work with Lewis Ayres and Ian McFarland) as well as money (Emory's was a lot better).

As for PhD placement, this is much more contingent on your area of interest and how rigorous you structure your curriculum. Emory's placement during my time was not great, but that started to change the past two years.

If you describe your situation a little more I might be able to give you a more detailed response.

good luck.

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i am going to focus on christianity and culture (with a leaning toward the sociology of religion) and would like to move into a phd program centered around ethics and society (which both emory and vandy offer) or possibly a sociology department with a major focus on religion (is that likely/possible out of an MTS?). the MTS program at both schools seemed pretty similiar but i would love to hear what you think about that since you looked at both.

i was awarded a 75% merit based scholarship to vandy and nothing so far from emory (do you have any idea if they will offer to match another school?) but i did not apply for need based aid. any advice would be great.

how was your experience at emory? did you do an MTS or MDiv? what are you studying now and where?


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