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Interaction Design - SVA vs Pratt vs Parsons


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I'd really appreciate if you could help me out with this. I've got my admission into SVA's interaction design mfa, pratt's mfa in communication design and parsons mfa in trans disciplinary program.

Now I understand that the programs at all three schools are very new, and therefore the usual design school rankings aren't very useful.

I don't live in US so visiting the schools is not an option. I'm actually completely cluless about where to go.

I'll appreciate any help with this.



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I'll take hot and smoggy in Pasadena any day over hot and humid (and smoggy) in NYC. At least in Pasadena (if it's not too smoggy) you can look at the mountains and imagine feeling cool. Better yet, you can travel up to the foothills overlooking Pasadena and gaze down at the sea of brown muck below you and be glad you climbed up where it's cooler and clearer and more comfortable. 
Hmmm maybe the OP should consider Laguna College of Art and Design... very small but maybe up and coming. Plus you can't beat the location for weather. There's the beach. And then there's the beach. And then there's more beach. Very much a meditteranean state of mind. 
Yes, New York weather has not been very Spring-like lately, has it. I was almost lulled into putting the heavy winter coats and gloves and stuff away, but now I'm glad I procrastinated. We still need those things and we're looking down the throat of April.
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