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Chicago or YDS MA?


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Hey everyone!


So I'm stuck deciding between Yale's MARc in Hebrew Bible, and Chicago's MA in Bible...My interests are medieval and early modern Jewry (and inter-religious interaction), the book of Esther, liturgical history, feminist theology and rabbinics, but I'm excited to broaden my interests through whichever Master's program I end up picking. I know YDS has Collins, and Chicago has Fishbane, so they're both great places to go with respect to faculty.


I haven't visited Chicago yet, but I've visited Yale and I'm still not sure exactly how I feel about the atmosphere at the Div school. I don't know how to put my finger on it, but I feel like Chicago would just be a little more pluralistic? 


Does anyone have experience with either program, and/or Chicago and New Haven as places to live? I know Chicago has a really terrible reputation because of the neighborhood, but how's the actual atmosphere for students? Is it actually "where fun goes to die?" 

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I think you're right about Chicago Div. being more pluralistic. The Div. School at Chicago is basically the religious studies program at Chicago; they have scholars that work on Islam, Judaism, and Hinduism. On the other hand, YDS is more of a Christian ministerial training ground, with the religious studies department as a separate but overlapping unit.

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