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Hello guys!

Good to hear your application has succeeded.  

I'm attending an obscure university in Asia, studying sculpture(studio art) which involved in the Fine art department.
I've already taken 6 semesters out of 8, I'll graduate next year in Feb. and I would like to pursue my study in art history field in abroad.
My interest is Contemporary art material study and method.
I've checked several grad programmes and professors at McGill. 
McGill admission requirement says ' must have taken at least 10 courses relating to the history and theory of some aspect of the visual arts, preferably covering a wide range of historical time periods and geographical regions'
I've taken round 10 courses during my school year, but I doubt myself, the courses weren't enough to cover my future study.
So do you think do I have to take few courses at McGill undergrad progrmme(as a second degree or a transfer student) to get better knowledge of art history? And then I apply for the master's directly?
Does the school like a student from studio art field?(Slightly less knowledgeable than arts students)
How much experience do they expect prospective students? (I've done my internship at an Art studio and taking student graduating representative at school now.)
There is such poor information what I've got.. if anybody who took/takes/taking the Art History programme at McGill, please help me!!!
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Unfortunately, as a grad of that program (undergraduate, not grad) I have to say that McGill is particularly unfriendly to the studio art track. There is no studio art whatever taught at the university, and undergraduates cannot even count studio courses taken elsewhere towards their art history coursework. Your preparation for graduate work is likely to be more questioned than it would at other schools. I would strongly advise you to contact the professors you are interested in directly concerning your research interests to see how receptive they would be to your proposed work. McGill is HIGHLY theoretical and it sounds like your interests are more.object centered. If you haven't looked at it already, Concordia University is another English-speaking university in Montreal which has a very good art history program and is MUCH more integrated with studio practice with strong BFA and MFA programs. I think they would be much more receptive and a better fit. You could also take graduate courses at McGill with the professors you are interested in as a student at Concordia.

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