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University of South Florida (Tampa)


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So I've decided for sure to go to USF...which means I'm now on the hunt to find a roommate (or possibly two). It looks like a nice-ish 1 bed/1 bath goes for ~$650-$900, whereas a nice-ish 2 bed/2 bath (or an apt or house for rent with 3 bedrooms- some even have private pools!) goes for ~$900-$1,300. So roommates would definitely help to cut costs.  I don't know a single soul going to USF but I'll be at an the open house on the 4th of April for my program (Speech-Language Pathology) trying to meet some people. If anyone else on here needs a roommate (or knows someone who knows someone) and is interested getting to know me, just private message me  :)


Or if you know the Tampa area well, any advice would be helpful about safety, popular living locations, and general activities to enjoy in the area 

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Hey AMarie, I am in the same boat as I will be moving from Pennsylvania to Tampa to attend the USF SLP Master's Program in the Fall. I sent you a PM in case you're still looking for a potential roommate :) Also I would love to meet any other persons who will be attending USF in the fall as I know no one in the area :)

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I'm not at USF anymore, but I went there for undergrad. If you have questions about apartment complexes in the area, etc., I'd be happy to answer questions!

I lived at Urban Place for 2 years and found it very affordable and a nice place to live. There are families there as well as undergraduates, and there is a community swimming pool.

As far as fun activities go, there are a number of things right by USF. MOSI is a fun science museum that also has an IMAX theater that often also shows movies. It has a "sea monster" exhibit right now that I wish I could visit! Busch Gardens, which has a nice mix of roller coasters and African zoo animals, is a lot of fun and is only a few minutes away from campus. As far as clubs and that sort of thing go, most people go to Ybor City for that.

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