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MA in Film Studies - The NYC conundrum


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Hey Everyone,


I'm pretty new to this forum but the threads I found on this topic were old so I'd see if I can get this going.  I saw that some other users posted that they've been accepted to the MA in Cinema Studies at NYU and the MA in Film Studies at Columbia.  As have I (although I didn't post the result in the database)!


Are any of you choosing between those two programs?  Originally NYU was my top choice but now I'm not 100% sure.  I'd love to here from anyone who is also choosing between these two programs, has already decided on one or the other, or is in the midst of/has completed one of these programs and would like to weigh in.


These are my opinions so far:


I like that Columbia is a smaller program.  I'm focused on getting a PhD so developing close relationships with Professors is very important to me.  I also like that Columbia requires a thesis (although I understand you can chose to write a thesis at NYU, it's just not required).


I like that NYU is an older program with more prestige, but I've read that NYU has expanded their MA cohort in an effort to bring in more money and may have compromised their reputation a little in the process.  While Columbia is a much newer program, it seems their prestige level is rising fast.


Both sets of faculty seem very interesting, although I'd say the edge goes to NYU (same with course offerings).




Anyway, I'd love to hear from anyone what their opinion is on both programs.



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