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Funded Masters in Pennsylvania State Univerisity vs UT Austin


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My Profile :
Masters in Mechanical Engineering in both Penn State University and Austin.


I recently got admission offers from UT Austin and Pennsylvania State University.

I got full funding for one year in Penn State University and got no funding from UT Austin.

According to some websites - department Specific rankings, both penn state University and UT Austin or equally good. But considering overall reputation..UT Austin is a better choice.

I am having really hardtime deciding the one among these two colleges.


Can some one help me regarding this?? Also, Can Someone pointout any negatives with these two colleges compared to others??

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Were you at the Penn State Mechanical Engineering recruitment event about month and half ago or so? What area are you trying to study in?


I would go with Penn State, they are funding you and if you were not at the event I'll tell you that they said pretty much they make sure everyone is fully funded throughout the program. Sounds like going to UT Austin is a huge financial risk. Also, I'm not really sure what you mean by reputation, they sound pretty equal to me. They are both in the top 25 for grad programs, but neither is in the top 5 or 10, so honestly I would put them similar. Go where you have money, do you really want to take out tons of loans that you have to pay off?


Plus, Happy Valley is a sweet place and it's not filled with gross bugs and disgusting heat like Austin ;-) If you decide on PSU shoot me a PM.

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I am not there at that event....I am interested in renewable energy(Hydropower research..if there's a chance).....

My second preference would be Design and Manufacturing.

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It appeared there was a couple hydropower projects when I visited penn state. They even have one of the biggest water tunnels in the world for testing things in water. Also, energy seemed to be a big focus there, but they have a large department so they hit on many topics. 


Did you email any professor's that match your interests? I think that might be a good way of figuring out if they have openings, etc. 

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