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NASAs International Space Apps Challenge


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Citizens unite to develop relevant solutions to address global needs pertinent to both life on Earth and in Space in NASA’s 2nd annual International Space Apps Challenge.  The challenge is an international “hackathon” focused on space exploration to be held on April 20-21, 2013.


Last year’s challenge included more than 2,000 participants that produced over 30 solutions nominated for global judging, including Melbourne’s MyTravel app, which is a prototype to influence consumers travel behaviors. The app calculates and compares the Carbon impact of the user against the wider community.  This unique feature raises awareness of the users impact on the environment in hopes of modifying behaviors that effect society at large.



Anyone with an interest and passion for helping change our world for the better is invited to attend at one of the locations. Challenge locations especially invite students, educators, engineers, scientists, designers, artists, technologists and entrepreneurs to be part of the global collaboration experience.


Participants can sign up for this event, at spaceappschallenge.org, by clicking ‘register’ in the top right corner of the website and filling out the required information.



To find a location near you, to get involved or learn more about NASA’s International Space Apps Challenge, please visit spaceappschallenge.org, like Space Apps Challenge on Facebook or follow @spaceapps on Twitter.

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