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Hey Guys,


I am a CS student from a small university in Germany. I am thinking about appling for CS Ph.D in the US for fall 2014.


In this summer I will visit Arizona State University for a research internship. I am interested in networking so my professor suggested me I maybe should apply for an internship at UIUC as their research in that area has much better reputation.

So, I am wondering what difference it would make where I spend my summer research internship. Will it harm my chances to get into a good school if I "just" spend my summer at ASU? Or do you think it is more important what research work I do during my time in the US?


Thanks for your help.



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Doing a research internship will never "harm" your chances, but an internship at UIUC will look better than one from ASU. If you have a choice, go with UIUC. Otherwise I wouldn't worry about it!

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Well I am just wondering how important the reputation of the professor/school really is. In the end, I would suppose a strong letter of recommendation from that professor way more important. Am I wrong?


Also I think it may be a little bit easier to make a good impression at ASU compared to a Top10 school. Maybe I am also wrong with that.

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