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Take ok-funded program (still paying tuition) or reapply next year?


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I have been offered a position of about 1300 per month but I would still be paying in-state tuition and health insurance.  The research is not exactly what I would pick as a first choice and I would have to start in May.  I also have a potential offer from another school (my top choice), but the professor there is not sure of whether or not she will get funding yet.  She says she may have to delay the position under next spring or fall.  So, should I add another $20,000 to my student loans and leave my well-paying job or do I reapply again for next year and hope for a better offer?  I like for my top choice to extend an amazing offer, but at this late in the game I am doubtful.  I am freaking out about this decision and could use some advice.



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If working another year would be fine with you, i would probably reapply. i know i'd be a much smarter applicant the 2nd time around with a better chance of getting into programs i like.

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