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External Resources for Grant / Research / Travel Funding

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I'm curious if anyone more knowledgeable than me in these matters could help with a question I have been pondering the past couple days. I have been putting together my checklists, looking at the CV's of accomplished faculty (to see what they did while still in grad school, especially), and thinking about what I want to expand my experience as an academic to supplement the routine tasks of whatever program I end up attending (ie--coursework, teaching, departmental functions, etc). One item that seems to come up often, but that I know very little about, is applying for grant money for research and travel related to research. Does anyone know of any good resources for this? Obviously, for people late in their studies or, more often, early in their careers after school, the NEH and the Mellon Foundation are top choices. But are there external, non-departmental resources I could be looking into now, as an incoming PhD student, or during the first couple years while I'm finishing up coursework? 


I imagine this is a subject that others have thought about as well, so I figured I'd get this discussion going. Has anyone received any interesting advice where this is concerned?

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This is a great question! I was wondering the same thing myself, so I checked the MLA and National Women's Studies Association websites. MLA has a huge list of fellowships and grants (but you need to be an MLA member to access it): http://www.mla.org/fellowships_grants. NWSA has small grants and fellowships for students writing their dissertations/theses in women's studies, as well as women of color and lesbian students: http://www.nwsa.org/content.asp?pl=16&contentid=16


This has potential to be a great source for PhD students! Thanks for getting the conversation stated, MercyHurst! 

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