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Decision: Stanford University's : International Policy Program--Anyone else!!!!


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Firstly, this forum is such a blessing. Got so much information it is unbelievable..

I am an international student from Brazil and got into the IPS course at Stanford. I also got into other programs (GWU, SIPA,

NYU) on the east coast. I expected the east coast universities to happen, but never thought Stanford would


 While I did not get aid from any university I want to go to Stanford primarily because of its reputation, lower tuition and low on-campus housing costs. But other than that I am pulling back because I am not finding any information (very surprised) on how good the program is and am surprised that Stanford is not pushing to advertise the program.


Has anyone here made a decision on Stanford IPS? If so any reason..


I have to apply for local aid to fund my education at one of these schools and am running out of time..So your comments are much appreciated.


Thanks much



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Congratulations! I haven't heard much about this program and that is why I chose not to apply, it seems relatively new. In the end I chose NYU because it is such an international city with Tons of professional opportunities. Stanford is an amazing school of course but I think you should go with the school that best matches your post graduate goals. Also try reaching out to a few students in your program. Good luck!

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