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Question About School Visits


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I have a few appointments to visit MFA programs next week and was looking for some feedback on what to expect. These are not interviews as I haven't started applying yet, more like getting a tour of the facilities, meeting with a professor in my area of interest, chatting with current grad students, etc.


Should I bring any examples of my work with me? My recent drawings are small and can be carried fairly easily, but I don't know if this is the appropriate time to show my work. I also have a website so if anyone wanted to see my work right away they could look me up online. What do you think would be best? 


Also, what are some good questions I should be asking of the professors and current students? I want to feel prepared and make a good impression. Thanks for any help you have to offer! 

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have you been in touch with the head of the studio area you're interested in applying to (looks like that would be painting for you)?  you should ask them whether you can bring work with you.  it is always better to bring work, since they'll want to see it-- at least that's been my experience-- and it will also help them remember you when/if you actually apply.  the current students will/might want to see your work, too.  be prepared to talk about your work and what direction you are thinking of taking in grad school. 


good questions to ask would be about the curriculum, fellowship/grant opportunities, possibilities for exploring outside your chosen medium, what it's like to live in the area, etc.  be sure to read through their website first, though, so you can avoid asking any questions that are easily answered by going online.


you should also definitely sit it on at least one group critique.  i think they are a crucial part of evaluating any school.  you'll get an idea of how the faculty and students interact, even if they tone it down a bit in front of you.  that's also a good question to ask of students, what they think about the critiques both group and individual.

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