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How much funding should I really expect?


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Hi all,


I've recently been admitted to a few Master's programs in International Affairs with funding to the tune of a few thousand dollars.  I can't help but feel a little disappointed that I didn't get more.  After all, I hear about all these students getting full funding or getting partial funding with a TAship.


Am I expecting too much?


Thanks! :)

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It will greatly vary from country to country, school to school and department to department.


It is difficult to say what the average is, because as you might reason, a chemistry student at one school might have less funding than a chemist student at the school across the street, but still more than anyone in either physics program.  Etc etc.


With all this variation then, to compare to those of us who mention our own funding may not be be useful.


I think the most meaningful approach to consider is, how much money will you need to go through school?  Set this as a minimum.



Look at the schools you are interested in or applied to, and see what their funding is for accepted students.  Don't consider schools you never had interest in in or would never apply to, we only want schools you would legitimately consider.  Yes other schools might offer more funding, but if you never intend on going there, and are dead set on this, the value of their funding is irrelevant for your personal case. 


Create an average from your selected schools.  This of course is biased and skewed, but for a realistic answer to the schools you personally are interested in, this will be an accurate figure. 



Consider this to your minimum value.  Is this less than average, do you still feel like you are getting a raw deal?

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