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CMU - SV or U of Chicago?


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Hello all,


Half of my applications have be decided and I'm a little confused right now. I'm an international student applying for master in Software Engineering. Have got admissions from CMU Silicon Valley and University of Chicago. Still waiting for a couple of other schools' decisions.


Neither of the schools who accepted me gives financial aid.  I'm wondering if there's a clear better choice between CMUSV and U of Chicago? My undergraduate degree is in Finance and it seems Chicago is a better choice if I can land a job there. But I really love programming and don't want to limit myself to finance related companies. 


It seems CMUSV's location is great. CMU's brand name attracts great tech companies and their classes are smaller than those in Chicago. I also heard virtually all of their graduates have job offers upon graduation. I like the project-oriented environment in CMUSV. But there's also some people consider the program being just a cash machine for CMU. So I'm a little confused about if it is worth going. Or if I should just wait for the other schools. Love to hear your thoughts. Thank you in advance!

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