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Dartmouth MCB vs. WUSTL DBBS


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I'm having a very difficult time picking between these programs.


Did anyone interview at these schools or is anyone enrolled at either one?


My thoughts on the decision:


Dartmouth Thoughts:


1) Excellent faculty interactions

2) Very enthusiastic and -happy- graduate students.  It seemed like over half of all students in the program came out for the interview weekend and absolutely everyone seemed happy to be there.


WUSTL Thoughts: 


1) More faculty options and more varied research; larger program than Dartmouth with lots of resources. Had good interactions with faculty 

2) Grad students were very intelligent, but very serious at the same time -- almost seemed more exhausted than the people traveling across the country to be there.




It may seem simplistic, but those are my distilled impressions of the schools.  It would be great to get feedback from anyone who knows anything about either program.  Location doesn't matter at all to me, and I already have faculty at both schools who I could rotate with.

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Location doesn't matter to me -- I visited Dartmouth and I understand there's literally nothing around it.  I also went to a small liberal arts college for undergrad in a cold climate, so I'm sort of used to what that all involves.

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