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Master's programs in the US vs Europe

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Hello, first time poster, long time lurker here.

I've been accepted into two grad programs what seem interesting to me. One is through UNC- CH called the Transatlantic Masters. I would study at UNC for a semester, and then complete my master's degree in Berlin. I was also offered a place with the University of Exeter in England in their Critical Global Politics program. Anyone have any insight into the pros and cons of studying/ getting a master's degree from Europe? And specifically the TAM and Exeter-- I'm having trouble finding much about either program online. I know Exeter and UNC are both good schools, just wondering if anyone had solid opinions/ insight about either program that might help me decide. 

Thanks in advance! 

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Would your goal be to use these programs as a catalyst for a PhD? I have seen people on this forum say that Masters programs abroad are held in lesser regard (than Masters programs in the US) when applying to PhD programs in the US, especially outside of the traditional Oxbridge, LSE, UCL schools. But I also remember my Academic Dean telling me that the MPhil and MLitt programs in Europe are more intensive than MA programs in the US, while PhD programs in the US are more intensive than DPhil programs abroad.

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