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IPPAM/MPIA/MPA: USC or Pitts U or Northeastern U ?


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Hi, there:


Just to ask a decision question for my wife's application. She applied to professional degrees like MPA, MPP, MPIA, IPPAM, etc. (all related to fields like public policy, public administration or international affairs ). She got the following admissions, and she was wondering which to go:


1. IPPAM at USC:  Master of International public policy and management, an 18-month executive degree, most classmates will have working experience (my wife only has internship experience), the program coordinator claimed there would be plenty of internship opportunities in LA, but H1B is not guaranteed (she is an international student)


2. MPIA at Pitts U: Master of public and international affair concentrating in international political economy, two year program, many Chinese students, most graduates go back to their home country, some internship opportunities, but wonder if it is possible for an international student to find a job at Pittsburgh?


3  MPA at Northeastern U:  Master of Public Administration, two year program, include mandatory 300 hrs of internship, they recruit around 120 people each year and most of them are part-time, plenty of internship opportunities in Boston area.


In terms of field-specific reputation, GSPIA at Pittsburgh ranked around 30th, though the Price school at USC ranked in top10, but this program is not as good as the regular MPA/MPP (I wonder if anyone knows the difference?), Northeastern ranked 60th in MPA.



Her career goal it to find a admin-related job (or other job types) either at an NPO or a private company in US, at least with sponsorship so she can stay in US. Without considering the tuition cost (may vary depending on how many courses you take), but just take into account the location, job opportunities, the goodness of the program itself, Can anyone give me some suggestions?    Thanks



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