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HEC Paris MBA vs George Washington MIA


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I have got admitted to HEC Paris MBA (FT ranking:19, 3rd in Europe) and George Washington Master in International Affairs (Foreign Policy ranking: 7) with an High Honors Fellowship (approx. %70 of the tuition). I am currently working for the government and I will receive a full state scholarship. However, if i will decide to change my job I will have to pay back everything. Actually that is exactly what I want. In line with my 7 years of experience and my undergrad International Relations degree, I want to work for World Bank, IMF, OECD or similar int. financial organizations after graduation. 


However, I can't decide whether to chose HEC or GW. I got many questions in my mind.


1. MBA or MIA? (for finding a new job after graduation)

2. US or France? (I speak French and English, job again)

3. Possibility of changing my career orientation? (with MBA)

4. Usefulness of High Honors tag. 


Do you have any suggestions?

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