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Stanford vs Gatech vs UT Austin (vs UIUC)@ Structural Engineering


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I am an international applicant who has been admitted into the first 3 MS structural engineering programs in my title. There is no funding up to now, though they are all affordable to me (at least during MS period). In addition, I wasn't among the first round of rejections on UIUC, which gives me bigger odds in being admitted, as I guess. However, I'm quite dazzled now in selecting these schools. It's really hard to tell differences from their rankings in this field. Therefore, I've gathered some information and desperately hope for more valuable inputs to strengthen or repute this information.

#1. Stanford: The big name could represent many things. I think it may lean more towards ellite education and comfortable studying experience. The CA location also provides advantage for employment. But the expenses are still the highest and the MS program doesn't provide thesis option at all.
#2. Gatech: Another reputed engineering school. Atlanta seems nice to study, while there is less working opportunity in GA as I heard.
#3. UT Austin: The most obvious advantage is employment. The thriving Texas may help me find a job more easily, and the cost should be the lowest among these schools. But it seems less reputed and recogonised than the other 3 especially out Texas.
#4. UIUC: Its program is comparable to UC Berkeley, which proves its reputation in academica. However, its location is a little bit awkward as I know, which makes its graduates harder to find jobs. But I have a relative there who may at least facilitate my daily life as I guess.

The above comparision may largely rely on the possibility that I enter industry after getting MS degree. On the other hand, I don't exclude the chance of pursuing a PhD and entering academia personally.In light of this path, I find myself more confused and genuinely look for some advice. Thanks in advance!

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