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Michigan State U VS U of Oregon -- English Literature Program


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Hi Everyone!


I got admitted into the English Literature program at Michigan State U and U of Oregon and I am having a hard time which one to choose. My field of interest is Renaissance literature and literature in the 20th century. I would love to hear your thoughts about the program at the two universities. Which would you recommend? Which one is better in terms of academic, pedagogical training, or resources?  Apart from the program itself, I would also appreciate it if anyone can provide me with the information regarding cost of living and life in East Lansing and Eugene. 



Any thoughts would be appreciated.  

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I can't speak about the departments academics, particularly, but I do know a bit about MSU and living in East Lansing. It's a large university and EL is very much a college town-- which means lots of resources on campus (which is also gorgeous, by the way, if you haven't visited) and in town (restaurants, entertainment, etc.) It also means that the closer you are to campus, the more expensive housing will be, and you will have to line it up sometimes almost a year before (but I'm talking close to campus-- if you're fine not being walking distance, you'll have better luck). From what I've heard the English department at MSU has a great reputation (but that's just from having attended that school for part of my undergrad-- I really can't compare to U of Oregon). p.s. hop on Craigslist and look up some apartment listings in both places to compare costs of living. Also, food is not very expensive in MI.

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I also don't know much about the academics of either school, except that at the U of O certain departments are thought of quite highly. I did live in Eugene for over 10 years so I can speak about the city. Cost of living is reasonable - for example, a 900-sq foot apartment in a good part of town is about 700-800/month. It does have a certain "hippy" culture and definitely feels like a west coast city - complete with organic food, local farming, many health movements, etc. There is decent housing both on and off campus, and if you have a vehicle it is not difficult to live off campus and transit to campus at all. I will say that if you don't have a car you should be careful of where you live; transit can be strange there, especially if you need to transfer busses, etc. Food is pretty cheap and fresh produce is plentiful year-round. Also, the weather is pretty nice, if you don't mind rain during the winter.


Good luck with your decision!

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