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University of Connecticut

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I saw some people posting on the results board about UConn, and I was just wondering if anyone knows anyone who attends this program or has heard anything about it? On the results board I saw someone describe it as the most challenging thing they've ever done, but they really love it. Someone was also saying they throw you into clinic work week 2 rather than in the second semester like some schools do (as an example of it being intensive).


Just wondering if anyone else has been accepted and heard anything about UConn, or if anyone knows someone who goes there! Any info that I can't get from their website is appreciated of course :)

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Hi, I'm very familiar with the program at UConn and will be attending there in the fall. Yes, they put you into clinic right away, which I personally think is a good thing but that's just personal preference. I thought this was a common thing for speech programs, but apparently not.


If you have specific questions about the program I'm happy to try to answer them. I did my undergrad there and have lived in the area for essentially my entire life so I should be able to help you.

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