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Importance of Research for a Masters?


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So ... how important is it to have research as part of your public health degree?

I've been accepted into Hopkins' Master of Health Sciences.  It's been my dream to go there for forever.  And with a 3.2 GPA, I never actually expected to get in ... but somehow I did.  

The downside is that it's a 1 year accelerated program.  No time for a research project.  

There are potential research jobs at UMichigan and GWU, and I'm waiting to hear back from UNC.  I just have no idea which is more important at this point--the prestige of Hopkins, or the research I'll get to do at the other schools?  How important is a school's reputation, anyway?

Thanks.  So confused :( 

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I'm sure that others might have a different opinion but I think the importance of getting research experience depends largely on your future goals. That is, if your end goal is an MPH and you plan to work after you earn that degree then having research experience isn't all that important. However, if you plan on continuing on and getting a PhD then having research opportunities becomes much more critical.  

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