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External Scholarships: Where To Look?


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So, I've heard back from all of my schools and am now in the decision-making process, which is more difficult than I expected!  Hopefully everyone else had great results this admissions cycle, as well.


I received some pretty decent funding from my top schools but am now looking for more external scholarships to increase my funding.  I've been looking all over but am wondering if there is a database/website that you use to find relevant scholarships? 


Any help would be appreciated.

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Most deadlines have passed by now. I'd still check APSIA but in general you should conduct your fellowship/scholarship search the summer before you plan to apply (for all those prospective applicants out there). I'd also ask your school if there are any available assistantships or on-campus gigs.

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Thanks, I had a feeling I missed the boat on many of the opportunities.  Wish I would have known to start early.  I do plan on reaching out to the school's career center once I've accepted.

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