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Anyone going to U Chicago?


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I plan on attending the prospective student day this thursday. Do you know anything about the Divinity School's placement record into PhD programs (from the MDiv specifically), including their own?

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Unfortunately, I don't...according to wikipedia (which is the devil, I know, but still...), "It is ranked number one in the field of religious studies according to the National Research Council [2]'s measure of faculty quality in its survey of all doctoral granting programs in religious studies. Along with the departments of religious studies/religion at Harvard, Yale and Columbia University, it is responsible for training the majority of those appointed to tenure track positions in religious studies at American universities."


So that's hopeful. I'm also an MA person rather than an MDiv, for what that's worth. The one thing that's freaking me out a bit is that UChicago gets this really odd rap for being competitive to the point of being detrimental to people's sanity. I don't know how true that is though, and I guess to a certain extent every cohort is different...any thoughts/insights?

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Hi friends,


I'm a current Ph.D. student at UC (HB/NWS) and can vouch for at least the Div School and NELC being largely free of the sort of detrimental competition you mention above. There's a lot of camaraderie among Masters and Ph.D. students -- many of the students who had been there for a while when I showed up were especially friendly and helpful. The work's tough, of course, but people definitely aren't out to get one another and the seminar atmosphere is generally pretty relaxed.


Hope this helps. Glad to hear, matthew2725, that you had a good visit!

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