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It was me :? And the answer is no I didn't get in, and they sent the rejection to my overbearing, hypersensitive parents that called me crying because they thought it was my # 1 choice(they were right), and they had to deliver me the bad news. Although by this time I am so jaded and working on something else that I was barely moved, but there is no way to convince your parents you are not disappointed once they have it in their head you are. But, I didn't actually post on the results page, so mine was anonymous-anonymous. You know what, to heck with Stony Brook, so goshdarn overrated. Who the heck wants to attend a school that resembles a state-prison the size of Rhode Island? I don't even know if that is factually accurate, but it is what I heard. And who wants to go somewhere where they tell your parents stuff,too? Especially when you are 27!!

Vech, why are you so sulty about Stony?

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