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NYU ITP 2013


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From what I heard and the research I did, ITP seems pretty easy to get in (accept around 100 students per year). More people are on the waitlist this year than ever before (according to the Result Search). Does anyone know what happened? More applications or the class size is shrinking? Or simply because more people reported to the Result Search?


Unfortunately, I've been placed on the waitlist also....

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Have any of you made a decision yet? I am pretty much decided on Parson's. The is no point for me to wait endlessly for ITP while Parson's gave me scholarship to go. Also, Parson's MFA DT seems more design-oriented than ITP; ITP is more tech/engineering-savvy in my opinion. 

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I will be waiting for it for a few more days since its so close. However in the last email they sent, it said something like - waitlist is usually kept until August. If they dont send me in another week or two then I will be decided on a different one. I am more on the tech/engineering side so it suits me.


Are you expecting to get any funding for itp?

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I don't think ITP will offer me any funding since I am on their waitlist. If they ever take off me from the waitlist, I may contact the Financial Aid office. But it will be hard to bargain any grant/funding from the department since every accepted student already received their financial package at that time.


From I heard, you either get notified by late April/early May or few weeks before the semester begins. 

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