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Any suggestions in how to keep in contact with potential supervisors?


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From what I've read on this forum, staying in contact with your potential supervisors during the admissions year is important and can help to your advantage. I'm meeting with a potential supervisor soon and was wondering if anyone could provide any tips in how to keep the communication going through the year with your potential supervisor? I find that usually when I meet with someone, I often get all my questions answered and they tell me if I happened to come up with any other questions later that I can contact them. However, sometimes I find that I if I do enough digging, I can find my answer on the internet or my question seems too trivial that it's something that I don't necessarily need to bother them.  Hence, I end up getting out of touch with them.


So, does anyone have any tips/suggestions in how to keep in contact with their potential supervisor? Like how do you maintain a level of communication with them without it seem like you're annoying or desperate?


Thanks in advance!

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