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I know there are a few similar threads, so I'm sorry if I'm redundant! I really want to list my undergrad stats and get an idea of how I can make my applications stronger and how good or bad my stats are!

Cum GPA: 3.4 (1.5 years remaining, 4.0 this semester thus far)

CD GPA: 3.4 (18 credit hours remain, maybe 21 credit hours pending petition to retake only CD course with a "C")

UD GPA: 3.8

Grad GPA: taking one grad class next fall, not yet graded but anticipate an A

GRE: N/A (not yet taken: mock GRE scored 55% verb and quant, taking a GRE prep course this summer)

Experience: 1.5 years supervised research experience for C3 a teaching research project, 2 years habilitation therapy children Autism, 3 clinical internships under SLPs, 2 years managing experience

I graduate Spring 2014 with a double major Family Human Development, Speech and Hearing Sciences, a minor in Spanish, and a certificate as an SLPA from Arizona State University

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Hey! I'm also a Sun Devil-- I'm graduating this May (2013) with a double major in SHS and FHD:) I think your Spanish minor and SLPA certificate will definitely be good selling points! Your GPA seems pretty good, although it would be helpful to boost your SHS GPA.  It seems like you still have lots of SHS credits, though, so that should increase by a bit.  I think some of the 400-level classes are actually easier because they review the material we've been learning for the past few years.


I think the worst part of the GRE is understanding the test format/process.  The course should give you some great insight for that which will help you ace the real test. :) If you happen to be interested in any of the specific schools I applied to, feel free to ask any questions about the application process. Hope your semester is going well!

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I really think you should focus on boosting your CD GPA as much as possible. It seems like GPA is a very important factor in SLP grad admissions since schools receive so many applications.


You have a lot of great things going for you, and your hands-on experiences will make you an attractive applicant--definitely mention those in your SOP and CV!


Good luck!

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It's funny, I have two bachelors in nearly identical areas (Human Development and Family Studies and Communication Disorders).  


I think everyone here has had some great advice I would only add in the following: Try to make sure that you can present as a complete well-rounded applicant. Numerical stats are important, and I think it's important make sure nothing stands out as negative but you also have to have a compelling case as to why any program should admit you over the hundreds of other applicants who also have good stats.


It looks like your research experience is amazing! Make sure to connect with a few professors so they can write you LORs that say more than "he was in my class and got an A", or "he was in our research group and did stuff... I'm petty sure". Start thinking about how you will place all of this into a CV and SOP, and fill in any linking gaps you can. But, I think you are on an amazing track and if you keep it up and program will be lucky to have you. I wish I knew more about the whole process, but there are some threads on here about what admissions commitees look for that do better than I could. 


Good luck!

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Thank you for all your responses! I really want to boost my CD GPA, but the problem I'm having is that there really isn't a lot of classes I can take to boost it! I'm waiting to hear back from my petition to retake the only class I got a C in, everything else is pretty much split between As and Bs so far. For the 18 credit hours that I have left, even if I get all As, it will only boost my CD GPA minimally maybe from a 3.4 to a 3.5. Congratulations on your guys' admissions! For my research internship, I was an active part of their team and even translated whole documents for them (I was the only bilingual research assistant), so I was also elected to pilot bilingual observation studies within schools for them, so I think I can get a pretty good letter of recommendation from my professor. The CD professors I am planning to ask for recommendations I have also developed pretty good relationships with and have had both of them for at least two classes. I've had a kind of rough time in my undergrad experience, which I think I can make a case for kind of sort of in my personal statement (I have an epileptic seizure disorder among some other personal experiences). 


To Mocha: Vanderbilt is 3rd in the country for SLP programs! CONGRATS! From what I understand, their research focuses are on Autism, Audiological (re)habilitation, and neurogenic disorders but if Baylor is giving you $ that is AMAZING. It is hard to get funding for grad programs. Is money or location a determining factor?


I am planning on applying to NAU, CSU Chico, CSU San Marcos, Loma Linda University, University of Nevada Reno,  Eastern New Mexico University, and New Mexico State University. 

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