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Negotiating Offers


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I was recently accepted to two of my top choice schools and decided to choose school A over school B.  I wrote school B an email to thank them for everything and they wrote back saying that they regret my decision and are offering me a scholarship to cover more than half of tuition if I decide to go there instead.  Having that much less debt is a huge draw, but I have already accepted school A's offer and the reasons I was more drawn to school A are still there, so would it be distasteful and immoral to tell school A about school B's offer and ask school A what else they can do to help me out financially?

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That is a tough decision there and I do dislike how universities wait for rejections before they up their offers.


Be accepting, have you signed any documentation, or was it just a confirming mail?  I know many people who have changed universities after sending a confirming mail. But do make sure you do it asap.


Debt is a really big factor in any decision you make, so I would suggest that you use B's offer as leverage. There is nothing unethical about it, and given that universities do similar with students (as B did in your case), it is certainly worth a shot.

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