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University of Maryland


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Hi all.


Just wanted to see who else would be at the University of Maryland this fall. I am going to be in the higher ed program and will be starting my GAship in July.

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I'm there in the Fall as well! I'll be doing a dual Masters in Library Science, specializing in Archives and one in Public History.


So, so excited! I've been to the campus a couple times before but definitely excited to be in the DC area again. I love it so much. The cost of living, not so much. :) If I sound bubbly, it's because I am honestly ridiculously happy about the process being over and Maryland accepting me.

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Doing my PhD in chemical engineering @UMD starting this Fall.


Have you guys been looking for a place to stay? I've been looking online.

In Bangkok, Thailand right now, will fly to MD at the end of the month.


Let me know what you guys are doing for apartments. I think I need some advice...

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