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Hey guys! As I weigh my options, trying to make a decision, I realize that I know much less about one of my programs--Johns Hopkins--than the others. Searching around, I couldn't find too much outside of the department website. Based on what I know, it sounds very attractive, but I wanted to see if anyone else has any information.

Thanks, guys, and good luck in your own decisions!

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Did you miss the visit weekend? That's the best time to find out about programs (I'm assuming you mean programs that have already admitted you - if that's correct, congrats on having multiple admissions to decide between!). But if you can't go/didn't go/won't go, I'd strongly recommend contacting professors there (and asking them or the department secretary to put you in touch with some grad students too) and asking them questions about the program. They should be relatively happy to answer you if you're an admitted student.

But in terms of information I myself have, it depends strongly on your subfield (and your degree - English? Comp Lit?). The English department as a whole is strongly interested in theory, or at least it was the last I know of it, is very small, and seems to encourage faculty-student interaction. That said, when I say very small I mean 1-2 professors per subfield, so if you don't get along with someone it can really be a problem. So I'd definitely contact professors in your subfield and get to know them before deciding yea or nay on Hopkins.

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