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University of Toronto (Fall 2013)


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Hi Nanolol! I hope this doesn't offend you, but I'm unfamiliar with the area of medical anthropology; what types of subjects do you study? It sounds really interesting. 


Not at all, I get asked this all the time by my family  ;)


The field itself itself is extremely varied. I think everyone within the field has his or her own definition of what it constitutes but in a nutshell it is an umbrella term that involves the study of people (from individuals to populations) in the context of health and wellness all the while considering the environmental factors that impact these. Environmental factors take into account social interactions, cultural norms, physical environments and climate. For example, my supervisor did a lot of work on H1N1 influenza and how death rates were different between men and women, beyond simple biological differences, as well as the reasons behind the higher numbers of cases during specific times of the year  :blink:. I myself study brucellosis (the most common zoonotic disease in the world).


If that's confusing, don't worry - I myself am still confused :lol:

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Hi guys,


First of all, congratulations on being admitted to University of Toronto. I am sure you guys will have an excellent time here. For those who are new to the UofT St George campus, you can find a quick introduction to our campus from my blog to help you get familiarize with the campus.




All the best on your endeavours.

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