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Financial Aid Required For Studying in USA

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Hi everyone i have applied in almost 7 universities in US for PhD studies in Electrical Engineering and got positive reply from 2 universities like northeastern and drexel. Results from other 5 universities (UCSD, UCI, UOF, UCD, Iowa state university) are still on waiting.


But I have not got any financial support might be because of international candidate. As far as my current situation is concerned i have only 20000$ cash which i can easily spend on my studies. But as far as for visa purpose i will require almost 30000-40000$. Any one who is really interested to help me kindly reply with his email id and i will share with them my acceptance letter and details.


I am looking forward for your help and anxiouxly waiting for the results from other 5 universities.

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I don't believe that your lack of funding is necessarily due to you being an international student. Instead, it might be that your English was not deemed to be good enough for the programs to offer you a graduate assistanceship (meaning that you work as a teaching assistant for the department). I assume you've taken the TOEFL? If your score was very high then I might be wrong about this, but I have heard of many cases where students are withheld funding for this reason.

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