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Undergraduate Transfer?

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Hi all,


I'm currently a sophmore studying CSD. I'm constantly looking at the Facebook groups, this forum and blogs to get any info on grad school and SLP in general. After seeing how it's prettyyy difficult getting into grad school, I've become slightly concerned, as I'm in a special predicament...


I've noticed that many people have lots of extra experience, even the freshmen and sophmores in my Intro to SLP class, and some of them aren't even accepted. Some of the kids in my class have been volunteering in walk or with kids with ASD, etc for like 4-5 years... and they're only freshmen! Then many will graduate with 4 years in NSSLHA and other clubs since they entered as freshmen and had CSD/SLP in their mind from the get go.


I have two issues: 1) I transferred here, and will only have 3 full years here, but only started getting really involved in extracurriculars this semester, which will equal 2.5 years of involvement in NSSLHA and a couple other clubs, and I may join another next semester ending in 2 years of involvement by graduation. I do have some experience with kids from babysitting and working at a daycare, and I plan on shadowing SLPs and am volunteering at a school that has some kids with special needs, including speech impairments. But non of this is equivalent to 5+ years of walks/volunteering and 4 years in NSSLHA and other clubs.   

2) I didn't originally transfer in as a CSD major. So this makes me even more slightly behind the game. As I said before, I'll only have 2.5 years in NSSLHA instead of 3.5 years (time from when I came here), and time can make a difference.


So I guess I'm wondering... did anyone transfer schools/ programs as an undergrad causing less time involved in clubs and such to be displayed on their application? Did anyone make it into grad school their first time applying after transferring schools or changing their major half way through and/or having less experience as others?


Thanks! Sorry it's long!

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I transferred to my undergrad institution as a sophomore and I didn't have nearly as much experience as you mentioned above! It is all very do-able. I kept my GPA high and became involved in a lot of other things, not all SLP related.

Good luck!!!

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Thanks so much! That helps ease my concerns somewhat. :) It's so competitive, that any little bit can set you apart. So I'm trying! Congrats on your acceptances!


Thank you! Schools know that almost everyone is a part of NSSLHA at some point, so I'm sure they don't put that much weight on it. There are so many things to set you apart other than club participation. I think you will have an easier time than you think. 

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