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Deciding on MSW programs for Fall 2013


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Hi all,


I applied to 7 schools (all full-time), and so far I have heard from 3 and have been accepted to those 3: NYU, Loyola Chicago, and University of Maryland, Baltimore.


Do you have any insight on which program is stronger? I am specifically going to go the clinical route. I am leaning towards NYU since I already live in the city, it is very convenient to my apartment, and it has a great clinical program BUT I doubt I will receive financial aid. Apparently I will hear back in May, but I've noticed that some of you have already been told your financial aid / scholarship amount from NYU, and a friend of mine that is at NYU Law mentioned to me that I probably will not get anything. 


Any advice would be great!


I am waiting to hear back from: Hunter, Fordham, VCU, George Mason

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