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Would appreciate advice on my options! Philosophy MA programs

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Hey guys–


So I've applied to a number of MA programs in philosophy, and have gotten a few admissions. Western Michigan offered me a teaching assistantship (full tuition waiver plus stipend), but Northern Illinois University and University of Houston have admitted me and say I'm in a very good position on their waitlist for funding. I'm also waiting to hear back on funding for Georgia State's program (they say I'm in a "very good" position, but they won't admit you at all without funding), and San Francisco State has said "for all intents and purposes" I should expect to be admitted via email tomorrow. Obviously I can't go anywhere that doesn't offer to pay for grad school, but I know there's a chance I won't hear back from any of these places until the 15th (which is also when I have to make my decision). All this is to ask: can anyone weigh in on my options here? NIU, Western Michigan, Georgia State, U. Houston, and San Francisco. I'm trying to make a personal ranking list, but I feel more or less at sea in regard to how to weigh my options.


Thanks for any help!


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