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How long to wait before reminding about LOR?

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The thread title is pretty much my question - how long after the initial request should I wait before reminding someone that she agreed to write a LOR for me?  The application deadline is not looming (July 1), but I would like my application to be complete, and this one LOR is the only thing not yet submitted.  The recommender was sent the request (via the online application system) about three weeks ago.


Thanks for your thoughts!

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When I asked for my LOR from one of my professors, I let the online application system request sit for about three weeks. Then, I sent a kind email asking if there was anything the professor needed from me regarding my LOR; I figured this was a way of reminding him without actually reminding him. Luckily, that's all it took, and he submitted it the next day!


I'd say sending a nice reminder email would be fine. It's been three weeks, and she may have just simply forgotten and needs a reminder (my prof told me that the request email just got buried in his inbox, so he was glad I reminded him). If you send her a reminder email, I'd give her a few more weeks, and then just keep emailing her periodically. 


Good luck, and I hope you get your LOR soon!

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