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GWU ITIP vs. possible deferment and trying SAIS


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So I was accepted to GWU Elliot school program in International Trade and Investment Policy. I've looked up and research even more and greatly impressed with it. Especially in the skill base class only having a year of experience and classes I can take in multiple fields. Not to mention I know the career service program and disabilities student service program (I have ADD) having gone there for undergrad at the CSAS. I also have GT, though that's the MPP program and economics program and equally on the same level for me other then cost. Granted that, I also regret not trying to go for SAIS earlier, been afraid I wasn't good enough, despite having a great quant (97 percentile) and 2 points under the verbal minimum for their mean/median projection. My lack of confidence lies in my GPA 3.3 and 2 high level classes in Econ where I got a C (one in freshmen year first semester, another in junior year).

Hence. As a possible option, I was thinking of applying again next year (working abroad, in china at the meantime). At the same time, learning now sounds like a great opportunity for me, especially with the career choice that are open up to me in DC. Granted that, I guess at this point, one would requires goals to further understand. I want to work at the IMF or World bank eventually, if not right after graduate school. Though I know eventually, I'll leave and move to the private sector, in a startup or consulting. I know and talk to an alumni of SAIS and it's immense connection to the World Bank and the IMF, but that's just silly to base my decision on. I guess another thing I'm worried about is that I won't get in the world bank with GWU on my name or GT. Can anyone give me thoughts on the program (current and alumni of both), especially for an international student who will definitely be going for internships while studying and how easy it is to attain one, as well with what direction I should go. Also how students with learning disabilities will fair at SAIS, and some other insights.

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