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CMU MS Robotics vs Stanford MS CS


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I am choosing between these two programs. Both the programs are not offering me any RAship or TAship now.

I want to go straight to work after graduation. From what I've heard, the chances of getting into big enterprises for graduate from both schools are the same.

I did my undergraduate projects in robotics (human-robot interaction), but I don't think robotics is the only thing I will be doing in the future.


CMU Robotics is like THE robotics school in the world. It would be a terrific experience studying there, being a part of the research projects. Pittsburgh is cheaper to live in and there's a big chance I can get an RAship.


And Stanford... It seems in Stanford I can learn a lot of things besides CS. I heard Stanford students can learn windsurfing and interesting stuff like that. And also more Stanford people do start-ups. 


I know I am fortunate enough to have this problem... Can anyone give me some ideas?

Thank you!

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You've got two fantastic offers! I think Stanford offers a good mix of courses - they have several that cover robotics (although given your background, perhaps these would not be interesting to you) and you benefit from all the varied other CS courses they offer.


Whilst I wouldn't choose a graduate school on the basis of being able to learn to windsurf, Stanford's entrepreneurial culture is quite unique  - and I'm not sure you would get the same experience at CMU.


It really depends on what you want to do afterwards - if, as you say, it's not just robotics I think Stanford would provide a nice wide base of advanced courses to start/continue your career with.

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